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Richard is a producer, composer, arranger and editor.  He was a member of the Eagles touring band from October 2007 to July of 2015 and has produced or co-produced much of their recent work, as well as contributed in many ways to the projects of Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Timothy B. Schmidt and Joe Walsh since 2001. He won an Emmy  and a Golden Reel award for his production work on the "History Of The Eagles" documentary, and his work with Glenn on Long Road Out Of Eden helped win them a Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental.   He has written or co-written music for various television and movie projects, has a Golden Reel and Emmy nominations for his sound design on shows including Twin Peaks, and has written many pieces of theme music for his daughter, who enjoys singing them. That last one makes him totally famous. Richard grew up in New Orleans and studied with Ellis Marsalis.  He is married to an operatic soprano and lives in the hill country outside Austin, TX.  


His favorite thing to do is to make great things better.


Richard's studio, Echolalia, is based around a Mac Studio Ultra and two satellite computers, with far too many libraries, and a wealth of custom sounds built over countless hours with the door shut.   Although most work is in the box using Cubase and Pro Tools (Logic or Digital Performer as needed), the outboard gear includes the magical Manley Massive Passive, a Lynx Aurora(n) interface, a Distressor, Rupert Neve and Kush EQ's, and preamps from API and Avalon. Monitors are ATC SCM45A's, Avantone Mixcubes and Yamaha MSP10's. Headphones are Audeze LCD-X and HifiMan 560.  Outside the box is a Gibson J-200 of lovely koa, a Duesenberg Starplayer TV, the ubiquitous Strat, a home-built partscaster Tele, a '72 Fender Musicmaster bass, a Danelectro baritone, and a Daisy Rock bass that looks like a big blue flower.

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